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I Got Knocked Down (But I'll Get Up) - School of Seven Bells
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School of Seven Bells | I Got Knocked Down (But I’ll Get Up)
Rest in Peace, Benjamin Curtis

"Benjamin had been talking about the song a lot, and then he just decided he was going to do it. We couldn’t record vocals in the hospital, so he actually face-timed with me and his brother while we recorded vocals in the studio. He spearheaded the whole thing on face time, would even tell us which knobs to turn and listen to levels etc. We’d even see nurses in the background from time to time! It was really amazing. But that was Benjamin, and producing was what he did. It was therapeutic and took his mind off being really sick. This song was really important to him and I’m happy we were able to record it."

- Alejandra Deheza

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To April and Dex.

Iceland, Blue Lagoon Spa, 2012
Mauricio López

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Catch The Breeze - Slowdive
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you can believe in everything
you can believe it all 

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